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Nature’s Delight Milk is sourced from a single source that is our family owned farm. We don’t collect milk from various places and distribute it. We have a selected pedigree of Dutch Holstein Frisian cows which are free to roam, eat forage and have access to clean drinking water. The cows are free to roam in the open pastures of the farm and are kept happy and healthy under the supervision of world class and well trained veterinarians. Milk is extracted from our cows through automated milking parlours and is directly transferred to the processing and packaging unit situated at the farm itself. During this whole process our milk doesn’t come into any sort of human contact or the outside environment, as the result there is no smell in the milk and we claim it to be the most hygienic milk one can have.
Yes, Nature’s Delight Milk is 100% pure cow’s milk which is free from any sort of anti-biotics, steroids and growth or milk production increasing hormones like oxytocin etc.
The cost of production of the Nature’s Delight Milk is on very higher side as compared to the other brand milk present in the market. The higher cost of production is due to the fact that, utmost attention to the quality of milk and the maintenance of the cold chain. We feed our cows with organic feed, vitamins and minerals. The calcium of the cows is replenished with organic sources (natural processed calcium from lime stone).

Nature’s Delight Milk

  • Quality is maintained as the milk is produced from the same breed cows that are fed with high quality in house fodder.
  • Strict quality control as the milk is not at all exposed and is transferred through food grade stainless steel pipes all the way till packaging.
  • Complete automation from milking till packaging.
  • Food grade temper proof PET bottles convenient to use and store.
  • Transported in cold chain vehicles.
  • Lead time between milking and delivery to consumers is 7-8 hours

Regular Milk

  • Milk of different animals is pooled from various farmers and places.
  • Risk of adulteration in the milk is higher as the milk travels in various places.
  • Human touch is involved.
  • Polythene pouches are used
  • Transported in crates and open vehicles.
  • Lead time between milking and delivery to consumers is 3-4 days.
Yes, Nature’s Delight Milk is pasteurised as well as homogenised milk and is absolutely safe to be used without boiling.
Homogenisation is a mechanical process in which milk is passed in a pressurised tube so that the cream in the milk is evenly distributed throughout, as a result the cream doesn’t float on the top and the consistency and taste of the milk is maintained till the very last drop.
To assure that the milk bottles we use are of food grade quality and our packaging is of world standards the PET are used. As far as tetrapack is concerned, in its inner most layer it has a non-bio degradable polysheet film and there is a possibility of it getting deposited. Glass bottles cannot be sterilised properly. The kind of quality which is expected from can only be given in the current packaging. We assure you that our milk bottles are 100% recyclable, food grade and sterile and safe to use. We would also like to draw your attention to fact that only in India milk is packed in pouches. Our packaging is at par with any of our European/north American counterpart.
Nature’s Delight Milk is supposed to be stored at 4°C or below.